How do we rent a caravan?

Call or whatsapp us on 8380866111 to plan your trip and book your dates.

What are the rates for caravan rental?

  • Caravan rental depends on type of caravan required, how many people are travelling, number of days of hire, distance you intend to travel etc. We will need these details to give you a quote
  • Generally speaking, caravan rental comes to Rs2,500 to Rs3,500 per head per day, inclusive of diesel, staff allowances, and GST
  • Rental does not include toll, parking, and state entry taxes, which are paid as per actuals along the way

Do clients pay for diesel?

  •  Per day rental includes diesel for driving 250km per day. Even if you do not drive that far, we will still charge the full daily rental
  • If you exceed 250km driving, we will charge a per km rate for each extra km
  • For example, Mumbai to Goa is a 1,200km return trip. 4-day rental for a trip will include 1,000km driving (@250km per day). The remaining 200km will be charged at the applicable per km rate
  • Where number of days of rental is more but kms to be travelled is very less, we can offer a dry rental arrangement. Here clients pay a flat per day rental to us, and bear the diesel cost as per their usage

Do we get linen or toiletries on board?

  • We usually have blankets, bed sheets and pillows for each berth. However, in view of Covid-19, we are encouraging customers to carry their own linen. For emergencies, we do have some laundered linen on board
  • Toilets will have consumables like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, air fresheners etc. Again, with Covid-19, we are asking clients to carry their own stuff

Is there any camping furniture on board?

Camping chairs and tables to sit out in the open when parked are on board all our camper vans.

Can we cook on board?

  • Driver and cleaner’s allowance is usually included in rental
  •   They are responsible for driving, maintaining and cleaning the vehicle, toilet etc and operate all equipment
  •  Our experience is, clients and our staff cook and eat together when cooking on the caravan. Our staff can pay for their own food if clients are eating in restaurants

Is night stay charged separately?

No, night stay in vehicle is included in the rental

Is air-conditioning available all the time?

  • AC when caravan is driving is included in the rental
  • Rental also includes up to 4 hours per day of air-conditioner operation using the onboard generator when the vehicle is parked
  • If you need more than 4 hours of AC when caravan is parked, we will charge Rs400 per hour to cover diesel expenses and generator operations

What extra payments may come up?

Any entrance fee, permits for any areas, or sightseeing, camera fees, any cost of activity like para gliding or white water rafting etc will be borne by the clients.

How do we make the payments?

  • Call or whatsapp us on 8380866111 to book your trip
  •  We accept payments online via bank transfer or cards
  • Booking dates will be confirmed only on payment of 50% of total trip cost
  • Rest 50% has to be paid one day BEFORE the journey starts
  • Advance paid is nonrefundable in case of trip cancellation by client
  • ONE rescheduling is possible, if the caravan is available on new dates, with rescheduling fee being 25% of the trip cost
  • Any extra payment for running over 250km per day, or use of AC and generator when parked, will have to be settled at the end of your journey

Where do we park the caravan in the night?

  • We have parking tie-ups at many tourist places in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
  • At other locations, resorts or restaurants allow us to park for the night as long as we do not disturb anyone else. Road-side dhabas and 24-hour petrol pumps are also good parking spots, as the staff keeps an eye out for your safety once you inform them
  • Please note, caravan trip will require you to take decisions on the spot, like where to park in the night, whether to cook on board or eat out, or planning which locations to visit on any day, keeping in mind your likes and dislikes

Are there any fixed itineraries?

  • No, we do not have fixed itineraries as such. You can design your trip as per your convenience and liking
  • Ideally, you can even start off without an itinerary! Take each day as it goes
  • You are welcome to change your route or itinerary as per your convenience and liking, including dropping or adding locations, while adhering to rules for total running km and per km cost
  • We will also be glad to extend your holiday with the same rules as above, if we do not have another booking immediately following yours