Caravan Vacay: You best chance to Enjoy Outdoors !!!

How to enjoy a personalized travel? Is Caravan Travel worth It?

  1. Do you want to travel…..?!!
  2. Do you wish to visit your favourite destination….?!!
  3. Do you want to explore at your convenience…..?

But scared to stay in a hotel or a homestay……?!!Relaaaax !!!

I have a solution and it’s SAFE !!! Go for Motor Home or Caravan or an RV as they say………. and they are our future for safe travel.

This type of travel gives you an additional choice of enjoying the journey as you move on and subsequently the destination. It’s a moving home on wheels.

Once you book, You get a vehicle thoroughly sanitized and disinfected along with the mattresses, utensils, kitchenette, and barbecue arrangement…….. 

Once you leave the vehicle it’s again fumigated, sanitized and disinfected for further use ………

As I have mentioned earlier…I am not surprised !!! The demand for Caravan Vacations in India……. is on an exponential rise !! The pandemic has only necessitated it !!!

The reasons for the growing popularity of the Rental Caravan Va cay are….

  • They come with self-contained space and everything you need is available
  • The flexibility of the schedule is in your hands
  • I must say, you will enjoy it more if you do not go as planned !!!😜
  • It helps to maintain social distance….as you will always be away from the crowd
  • Only you will be using the toilet and the utensils
  • Travel at your free will….all over the country !!!
  • I shall say….this is the best way to reconnect with nature.
  • Ideal for Young couples, Honeymooners, Retired Senior Citizens, groups of friends…….
  • and last but not least …..the vehicles are pet friendly

Our state government has come up with the Agritourism and Adventure tourism policies…  

It also has come up with the Caravan tour Policy so that we have proper parking places – clean, secured, hygienic with Wifi and power backups… have a safe travelling experience in the future……But how things turn out is to be seen !!

To enjoy more….. travel light……..keep only those things which are necessary.

These journeys are best enjoyed when you do not go as per plan…….!!! Yes…….You read it right !!!  The unplanned and uncertain schedule adds more value …more enjoyment… 

As you tend to discover on your own…… It certainly brings out the explorer in you…… Just try it once…..the roads are waiting… You won’t be disappointed…

Get in touch with your nearest Caravan Tour Operator….

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