Caravan Vacationing: Slow and Steady

'What's the big deal travelling in a Caravan?’

Continuing  from my previous article on Caravan tourism, many of you may ask above question….

For more than three months people have been held up at home. The lockdown has been released slowly – slowly in stages. Looking at the trends and demands being received by me and similarly by my travel industry friends, people want to travel at the earliest to their favorite places provided they should be secured. 

Firstly, there is no replacement for Resorts and Hotels as many of them offer luxury, comfort and security. During the pandemic everyone has been concerned about the health and hygiene of their esteemed guests.

The importance of enjoying outdoors, being in nature are the buzz words……

People are ready to go on a road trip in their Car or SUV’s. 

Still, they would need to stay in a hotel or resort. 

Right now due to the health concerns they may avoid….

for the time being of course !!!

Before this gets into an ugly debate, let me clear the point…..

The difference of staying in a hotel and a caravan is the ‘Experience’ !!!

  • You are staying in the outdoor……the more you are in the nature its more relaxing
  • You can stop at the location, a scenic place of your choice…that’s freedom and flexibility
  • The caravan is equipped with the cooking utensils, gas/stove and groceries……any thing self cooked is more hygienic
  • The Caravans or the RV’s as they are popularly called are equipped with music system, radios, LCD TV, have bathrooms with WC, wash basin and shower
  • The vehicles are also equipped with camping gears, chairs, hammocks
  • There are companies providing caravans on rent. Normally, the services include driver and a helper. Hiring a caravan is affordable and cheap
  • During these Covid times you can get fully sanitized caravans
  • The  companies providing caravans on rent have places already marked for parking and its secure. The cost of the parking is actually less than staying at the hotel or resort
  • The caravan becomes your mini-home away from home !!!

It gives you and your family more time for bonding….

More memories…

as you cook together, stay together, and enjoy the scenic beauty around.

We are blessed with numerous places in the central region – natural, heritage, rural, wildlife and pilgrimage. 

We also have hill stations where families can enjoy !!

Depending on the need of a client, that can be customized.

A circuit of agritourism centres specializing in crops, floriculture, poultry, and medicinal plants can be another option. I shall be introducing you to some of the GEMs……keep reading !!

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