Caravan Vehicles: For an Enjoyable Travel Experience !!!

The ongoing pandemic has sprung up something unusual……the demand for Camper Vehicles !!!

During the past several months, there has been a heavy dose of government advertising – the need for face masks, use of sanitizers, following social distancing norms, and what not on television, radio, newspapers, social media, etc.Normally, people who would ignore such messages about cleanliness and hygiene pre-pandemic have suddenly become conscious. It may seem that they were just waiting for Covid19 to happen !!!

Jokes apart, the point is…..

The Guests…

  • Do want to travel…..
  • Feel relaxed at a  tourist destination…..
  • Enjoy outdoors at free will….
  • Go for a nature trail or a hike …….
  • Have healthy and tasty food…….
  • Wish that the  accommodation should be clean and sanitized…….
  • They would not wish to get infected or in turn should not infect the people at the destination….
  • Want an out and out Hassle-free travel experience !!

The guests have severe trust issues with cleanliness and hygiene is taken care of the hotels or resorts at the destination.

Many hotels and resorts have accepted this challenge and have been coming up with innovative ways of luring the guests.

But, I am here to address this issue ……..with a  delightful solution…..

What if the guests who want to travel have all the facilities given onboard??

To put it in simple words, the travel vehicle itself shall have all the facilities of staying, cooking, onboard bathroom and toilet facility, relaxing, and most important, the feeling of being secured and taken care  ……we call this as Motor homes or Caravan Vehicles or Recreation Vehicles (RV) !!

It’s a practical solution for those longing to travel !!!

There are many service providers of Camper Vehicles or RV’s  across India and I am not surprised as they are gaining importance and why not??

It addresses the basic need of a traveling family with fully sanitized vehicles….in a secured way !!!

Once you have booked the Caravan you can enjoy nature as and when you feel, go on easy pace, cook your food, take rest when you wish……. 

For me, family becomes priority during such travel.Those interested to go with family should get in touch on below cell no  …….

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