Caravan vacation in India…??

Neha and Rahul Soman are among the thousands of Indians who have dreamt of taking a caravan and going on a vacation without an itinerary. They faced the same problems as anyone who tries to hire a caravan in India: There were NO caravans to hire, and those available were too far away from their hometown, Nagpur, to summon at a reasonable cost!

So, they set out to make caravan hiring as pleasurable as a caravan holiday itself!

Launched in November 2016, Wacation On Wheels (WOW) currently gives you WOW caravan holidays anywhere across Central, Western and Northern India. From the hills of Manali to Leh, to the deserts of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the tiger rich jungles of Central India, the beaches of the Konkan belt, and the party life of Goa, you can have a dream holiday in WOW caravans.

Our caravans can, of course, pick you up from anywhere in India and travel across the length and breadth of the country. The caravans are completely self sufficient vehicles, more like hotel rooms on wheels. But, to give you a pick up from your house, we are expanding soon across the rest of India.




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What is Wacation On Wheels?

Wacation On Wheels is an elegant caravan and RV rental service that enables you to enjoy your vacations in a whole new way. Bringing premium caravans to you at an affordable rate is our goal. With the flexible itineraries and prompt service, we intend to make your vacation memorable as well as enjoyable with Wacation On Wheels.

What is the Price?

The price starts from Rs.2500 per day per person. It varies as per the size of the caravan and group discount. For the exact cost please contact us at

What is included in Price?

The price includes caravan rental along with driver and helper, diesel charges, toll charges and cooking utensils.

Are the parking locations safe?

Caravan parking locations are in association with resorts or local residents and are completely safe. However, necessary precautions should always be taken including, locking doors when leaving the caravan, being cautious about strangers, informing other in the group when going out, and keeping track of all your belongings all the time.

Can I rent on per kilometer basis?

Yes, you can rent the caravan with the driver on per kilometer basis. For details please contact us on +91 83 808 66 111 or drop us an email at

Are there specific parking locations for the caravan?

Yes, most of the parking locations are in the local resort premises, considering the safety. All the details will be provided on booking.

Can I drive the caravan myself if I have HV license?

No, Our insurance requires our drivers at the wheel at all times. We are working to deploy caravans you can drive yourself.

Have the driver and helper undergone a background check?

Yes, all our staff has undergone security checks.

What are the food options?

Caravans have gas and a full set of utensils to cook. You can make any trip memorable by cooking together, having a barbecue or trying some local fare in the best restaurants nearby.

Will the helper cook for me?

We recommend you do it yourself. But a helper may do it for you if you are nice to him, say please and offer some remuneration for the extra work :). Our helpers are not trained cooks so we cannot guarantee that you would like the meals.

Will I have phone connectivity (mobile signal)?

Phone connectivity is dependent on your carrier and the location. Some parking locations have limited signal, where GPS or Wi-Fi might not work. We suggest downloading online maps for offline use as far as possible.

Does the caravan have a TV and a music system?

Yes, all of our Caravans are integrated with LCD TV’s and a music system.

Does the caravan have restroom/bathroom?

Yes, all our caravans have bathrooms with WC, wash basin and shower.

What happens if there is vehicle breakdown?

Breakdowns can happen, as with any means of transport. They will be dealt AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Any days lost due to breakdowns will be added to the itinerary so as to complete the planned visits. Depending on the situation and need, alternate travel arrangements could be made to ensure pre-decided schedule is adhered to.


The affordable price starting from 2500 rupees per person per day is sure to give you an enjoyable and memorable experience!! This price includes Caravan (for complete features click here) rental with driver and helper, cooking utensils, diesel charges, toll charges.

The venture has as yet been completely crowd-funded by our generous family and friends. For expansion, we welcome investments from caravan lovers, and our future customers through a time-share scheme (contact).